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Herbert Schiwampl, Owner and Productmanager of HSPi Kiteboarding

High Quality & Performance – Unique Innovation

HSPi is an enterprise founded directly at the foot of Lake Neusiedl. At this site, at the alleged best surfing spot in whole Central Europe – Podersdorf (Austria), our products are put to the test. Naturally, our material is strained to the limit at various other surf spots worldwide and is used under most diverse circumstances. Not only did HSPi Kiteboarding focus on the construction of Custom Aviation Tech Kitesurfboards, but set the goal to develop innovative products for kitesurfing and make it as exciting as possible.

The HSPi development and production team consists of specialist from the areas of pro kite surfing, board developing, boatbuilding, product development for light constructional components, and carpentry. HSPi is convinced that a professional team, which works on a product with a passion for sports and a love for detail, possesses the ways and means to develop and build an innovative and uncompromising kite board!

The connection to the element of water and to the feeling of freedom combined with an adrenalin rush generates the attraction of kite surfing.
With an HSPi Aviation Tech Kitesurfboard Phönix, unique in processing, use of material, and design, a new milestone is set in the delevopment of kite surfboards.

Yours sincerely,

the HSPi Kiteboarding Team

Do you want to embellish your surf mobile, bicycle, snowboard, notebook, etc. with HSPi Kiteboarding stickers? We will gladly send you some if you notify us via the contact form.

Aviation Tech PHÖNIX

HSPi Kiteboarding
High Quality & Performance - Unique Innovation
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